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Important Announcement



BTC has activated the Burford Emergency Action Plan (“BEAP”) which will be implemented by the Burford Emergency Action Team (“BEAT”).

Each Councillor (“Ward Manager”) will be responsible for a number of streets. Each Ward Manager will appoint a resident in each street (“Street Manager”) who will be responsible for compiling a register of “at risk” residents in his/her street. “At risk” residents means:-

Over 70s

Disabled and long term sick

Anybody else genuinely housebound

Each Street Manager will be provided with a list of volunteers who are willing to shop or organise shopping, walk pets, collect prescriptions, visit regularly or organise visits, do anything else within reason the affected resident cannot do for him or her self.

If you are prepared to be such a volunteer, please let Maggie Andrews know on 01993 823647 or at town.clerk@burford-tc.gov.uk

It is trite to say so, but true, that together we can get through this.

John White - Mayor