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BTC Message on Cole's Field

The barbarians are outside the gates once more – and that’s where we want to keep them.

A planning consultancy called Pegasus has launched a “public consultation” on behalf of “Greystoke” about a proposal to build 173 dwellings comprising 32 affordable homes and 141 extra care residential units on Cole’s Field. We are trying to find out which of the Greystoke companies is involved.

The curious thing is that this is a consultation by the potential developer before it has applied for planning permission. Normally it would be WODC, as the local planning authority, who would carry out the consultation after the application has been made. So what’s it all about? We think it is an attempt by Greystoke to smoke out any problems with the proposal so that they can try to head them off in the planning application. In other words asking the residents of Burford to act as unpaid consultants! That would be an argument for ignoring the consultation completely but your Council believes that we should let the potential developers know how strongly we feel, albeit in general terms at this stage. The detailed battle lines will be drawn if and when a planning application is lodged.

If you are against the proposal please make sure you say so. It will help the developers (and WODC if an application is made) make up their minds! Numbers count! You can tell them what you think by:-

  • filling up appropriately the form which some of you will have received from the developers; or

  • sending an email to; or

  • responding on the potential developer’s website

They have given us 2 weeks for the consultation, ending on 21 June. However, please also respond after this date so that they see the full extent of our feelings.

The sort of points you might like to mention generally are:

  1. The impact on our already grossly overstretched infrastructure including water, drainage, electricity, parking, schools etc;

  2. Massive incursion into the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Burford Conservation Area;

  3. The 59 of extra care units already approved being built on the Shilton Road site;

  4. The 44 affordable homes already approved and about to be built on the Shilton Road site.

Finally, it may be indicative of the care with which the proposal has been put together that the potential developer’s map shows a new footpath connecting with something called “Whitney Way”!

Respond now!

Burford Town Council

BTC has also provided us with a copy of its response to the consultation:

Dear Pegasus Planning Group,

Land East of Barns lane, Burford.

Thank you for your brochure and the opportunity to comment. We note that feedback will be summarised in your application to West Oxfordshire District Council. Consequently, we trust that you will record that Burford Town Council is adamantly against your proposals for development on this hilltop site. It would appear that you have simply looked at Google Earth and not considered the contours; a DDA compliant path on a 1:4 escarpment, risible.

Since the 1970s various applications have been submitted for this site and all have failed. Yours is equally flawed. The site is not in the WODC Local Plan 2031 and was rejected for inclusion by a Planning Inspector.

You can expect no support from Burford Town Council, other local organisations and many residents. In short, we would advise you not to submit a planning application.


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