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Burford Festival 2021 Cancelled

The following is an announcement from the organisers of the Burford Festival.

Looking forward to the Burford Festival 2022

Save the date: June 10-19 2022.

Very sadly we have decided that Burford Unlocked, the three day event we were hoping to organise in June this year, will have to go the way of the Glastonbury Festival and Britain’s Got Talent. In the end the continuing uncertainties over when lockdown restrictions would end, difficulties in booking speakers, potential financial risks and most importantly the safety of everyone involved left us no choice but to cancel the event.

However, this does mean that we can now focus all our efforts on organising a full ten day festival in 2022. Many of the events were we hoping to stage this year can be rolled forward. Of course that still leaves lots of gaps in our tentative programme so the organising committee are very keen to receive your suggestions for acts, speakers, artists, and activities covering as wide a spectrum of interest, age and budget as possible. Please send suggestions to . Similarly we would love to hear from anyone who would like to help with running an event or joining the committee.

Bill Risebero - Chair, Organising Committee


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