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Burford Festival Latest

Let me ask the question for you. “Is there going to be a 2021 Burford Festival?”

If only it was possible to give a firm answer, but with so many unprecedented imponderables, all totally beyond anyone’s control, may I simply say that Bill Risebero and the management committee are still working towards the start date of the 11 June 2021.

They are being as inventive and ingenious as possible in trying to originate socially distanced experiences but much will depend on whether such restrictions are still applicable. Other influencing factors include whether the speakers and guest artists will be willing and able to participate. But of paramount importance is when you, their loyal and valued supporters, will feel ready and safe to attend the events.

Notwithstanding these challenging times the irrefutable good news is that an exciting future for the now famous Burford Festival couldn’t be more assured. The management committee and the trustees remain committed to delivering yet another unforgettable event for everyone to enjoy. The outstanding questions solely relate to the format and the timing. An alternative option, which might be seen as a safer, could be to postpone the Festival until June 2022. The trustees of the Festival are to consider such matters in September when, fingers crossed, the future situation might be a little clearer.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about your Festival, Bill would love to hear from you on . In the meantime I can assure you that everyone is doing everything possible to bring you yet another creative Festival worthy of those of past years.

Peter Martin


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