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Burford HGV Ban Overturned

Oxfordshire County Council is terminating the ban on lorries of more than 7.5 tonnes in Burford. The ban was introduced in 2020 for an experimental 18 month period after a public appeal raised money to pay for enforcement cameras and signs.

The ban will end in February. OCC say they intend to develop a strategic plan for the roads across the county but this will take at least two years. Burford Town Council had argued that the ban should remain in place during that period but were unsuccessful.

The ban was generally seen as a success in Burford but was criticised by the haulage industry and by some local villages where residents complained that lorries were diverting there to avoid Burford.

We expect to be able to publish a response to this development from one of the local councillors who has been involved in this process shortly.


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