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Burford "I4th Coolest Place to Live in Britain"

Burford is the 14th place to live in Britain. That's official! Well, not exactly. It's the result of yet another survey, this time of 5,000 people from health and fitness supplements brand Naturecan, who set up panels throughout the UK to find out the coolest location for each county and big city. The top three in the list of 50 were Polperro (Cornwall), Wells-next-the-Sea (Norfolk) and Marlow (Bucks). Burford nestles below Ripon (Yorkshire) and just above Leigh-on-Sea (Essex) which coincidentally in the birthplace of former mayor John White. Is this good or bad news? It's a bit of a comedown from the time that Burford was judged to be the sixth best place to live in Europe. We suppose it depends whether you regard being cool as desirable. And if you try too hard to be cool, by definition you're not.

The full list can be found below.

Terminally cool?


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