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Burford School Closed Because Of Coronavirus Scare

Burford School sent all students home yesterday because of fears that a student may have coronavirus. The student had spent half term in Italy and has reported feeling 'slightly unwell'. An email to parents said the student was not in school but 'as a precaution' a 'deep clean' would be done. The school is due to reopen on Monday.

Government advice to schools where a pupil or staff member is suspected of having coronavirus (but this has not been confirmed by testing) is as follows:

"If anyone has been in contact with a suspected case in a childcare or educational setting, no restrictions or special control measures are required while laboratory test results for COVID-19 are awaited. There is no need to close the setting or send other learners or staff home." [Emphasis added]

The school's headteacher, Kathy Haig, issued the following statement:

"As the student had no symptoms earlier in the week and was therefore in school, we have decided to take the precautionary measure of having the whole school deep cleaned. "Due to the size of our school we will need to close from 1.10pm today and will re-open on Monday, March 2." She added: "Whilst we hope that a case of Covid-19 is not confirmed and the risk to others is minimal, we feel it advisable to take these measures."



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