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Burford Singers - The Creation

It’s not very often that you hear laughter during a performance of classical music but chuckles ran through the audience in Burford parish church on Palm Sunday.  The occasion was a performance of Haydn’s Creation, the first public outing by the Burford Singers under the skilful direction of their new conductor, Will Dawes.  Their performance brought out the composer’s characteristic wit in the musical depiction of lions, sheep, worms and other animals as well as the tuneful and essentially cheerful spirit of this work.  Will has continued the tradition of finding good soloists and the three on display  were excellent.  Perhaps the pick of them was Robyn Allegra Parton (pictured), the soprano, for the way she floated the high “money” notes across the church.  The Singers sang the many choruses with gusto.  Their next concert will be on 16 June during the Burford Festival.


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