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Cole's Field - Yet Again

Message from Burford Town Council


Back to the barricades!

Greystoke Land has lodged Notice of Appeal against WODC’s refusal to grant planning permission for 70 houses on Cole’s Field. At the time of writing we do not know the grounds of appeal nor do we have any indication of when the appeal will be heard but we will keep you updated by all means at our disposal.

Meanwhile the town council remains steadfastly opposed to this proposed gross incursion into our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation Area and the damage it will do to Frethern, Orchard Rise and Witney Street. This will be the seventh time we have fought unwanted development of Cole’s Field. We won the previous six battles primarily due to the unflagging support of the residents of Burford who made their views known in a suitably forthright manner. We will ask you to do so again – we will let you know when and how in due course. Greystoke are relying on objection fatigue – let’s show them how wrong they are!

John White - Burford Town Council


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