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Coronavirus Diary


Update: 26 March 2020

The Co-op in Burford is still open and is reasonably well stocked, although this morning there was still no toilet paper or kitchen paper. What is it with toilet paper? Surely there is enough to go round. It is enforcing two metre separation around the shop and at the checkouts so you may have to wait your turn to get in.

Mrs Bumbles is open and is providing hot home cooked meals delivered to the door to order. They say they can also deliver bread, milk, eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, fresh veg and even a newspaper. Call 01993 822209.

Jesse Smith, formerly Castles the Butchers, has closed the shop but is delivering orders made in advance. 01285 653352 or www.jessesmith.co.uk. We checked the site this morning and the earliest delivery was on 31 March.

The Cotswold Cheese Company were accepting orders but last time we looked they had stopped doing this.

Bakery on the Hill is serving breakfast to take away from 8am to 12.00 noon and is selling various foodstuffs (not just bread). 01993 823898.

Burford News (including the Post Office) is open but is only admitting two customers at a time so you may have to wait outside before going in. As with the Co-op, it makes more sense to go there alone than to turn up mob-handed.

We hope everyone in Burford has received a note from the town council asking for volunteers to help the vulnerable with food shopping and collecting medicine.

The Bridge April edition has been printed and we hope everyone in the area of circulation has received a copy. At the moment we don't know whether the printers will be able to print the May edition. If not, we shall try to put one on line.

Stay healthy and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.


25 February

Burford School closed for the rest of the week for a deep clean after one pupil reported feeling unwell following a visit to Italy over half term.

10 March

Signs of panic buying. Burford Co-op had run out of toilet paper, hand sanitiser and paracetamol.

A letter from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York has instructed Church of England to suspend the practice of exchanging the peace by shaking hands or other physical contact during services of Holy Communion. The communion cup will not be shared and communion will be administered in the form of bread or wafers but without wine.

11 March

A friend who wanted to buy digestive biscuits to make the base for a pudding found that they had all sold out. Are they thought to prevent coronavirus? (She used Hobnobs instead).

There was a good turnout for the monthly meeting of The Arts Society Cotswolds in the Warwick Hall, suggesting that most residents are doing their best to carry on as normal.

12 March

The Co-op has restocked toilet paper and paracetamol but there is no hand sanitiser. A notice says that customers are being rationed to three units each. Why three rather than one? But then again, there is nothing to stop the customer going straight back into the shop for a second batch.

16 March

A number of local events planed for coming weeks have been cancelled. Please see a separate page for details. The government announced stricter controls including advice to over 70s and other vulnerable groups to avoid unnecessary social contact.