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Duke of Gloucester Visits Burford

The Duke of Gloucester visited Burford on 19 November. He first went to Burford School to attend a thanksgiving service as part of the celebration of the school’s 450th anniversary. He then planted a tree on the Rec, the first tree in what will one of Burford’s two community orchards which are being created as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy to mark her platinum jubilee. The other orchard will be by the junction of the A40 and Shilton Road. The orchards will mainly be planted by volunteers in late February or early March next year.

The duke met the mayor of Burford, Peter Higgs; Lucy Staveley who is the driving force behind the Burford Tree Initiative; and other local dignitaries. He talked to children from Burford Primary School who were planting seeds in containers for the next generation of trees. The mayor made a short speech in which he mentioned how seriously the community in Burford is taking the platinum jubilee and the tree initiative. The duke made a short speech in reply which unfortunately was largely drowned out by an untimely helicopter passing over the site.

The tree in question was a Red Falstaff apple tree. Two other fruit trees, a pear and a plum, have been planted nearby. The duke was clearly well versed in the art of tree planting as he filled in the hole with soil, firmed it down with the royal foot and moved some turf into place. We suspect he was wearing his special tree planting shoes.

The duke with Lucy Staveley and Peter Higgs (partly concealed).

Listen to part of the duke's speech.


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