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Help Save Burford's Post Office

A message from Paul Miller, leader of the campaign to save a post office for the town and the surrounding villages.

We are writing to ask for an act of kindness that will ensure Burford continues to have a post office for our community and town. Without your support, sadly as things stand we are likely to lose our post office service when Burford News shuts down on 24 December.

There is already a very advanced plan to re-locate the post office next door to Mrs Bumbles which will be under the management of Steve and Sally Colter who run Mrs Bumbles. They intend to sell broadly the same sort of goods as in the existing post office, including newspapers.

Completing the official Post Office transfer process is a complex task over many months and almost all the work and compliance has been done. But then the Post Office officials overseeing the transfer increased their charges from £10,000 to £20,000. This is a financial step too far for Mrs Bumbles to manage alone.

However if you and others in our community can make a donation, no matter the size, we are confident we can raise the £10,000 and that will ensure that Burford will have this essential community service.

This funding campaign is under the legal oversight of solicitor Juliette Vienot of Kendall & Davies and is fully supported by the Burford Town Council and the Burford & District Society. John White, Mayor, says “Burford deserves a post office and this is the best way to keep it”.

You can now make a key difference for our community and town and play your part to ensure we have a post office - a service that is so important to so many residents and visitors.

Here is a donation site for this purpose: Your contributions will remain there until Kendall & Davies authorise the funds to be released. As part of this process a set of required commitments have been agreed between Kendall & Davies and Steve and Sally Colter. The funds collected will be paid direct to the Post Office Limited (the body controlling all post offices) in return for it issuing a licence for the new post office. Should the new post office cease trading within three years, the money is repayable to the fund.

We will be very grateful for any donation you can make - and on the funding site you will see how we doing as we head towards our highly achievable £10,000 target.

Alternatively, if you have any technical problems do call or email Paul Miller below. Likewise if you are unable to donate online but wish to do so by cheque please contact me.

Thank You!

Paul Miller, Burford Post Office Fundraising Campaign

07785 255883


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