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HGV Ban - Is It Working?

Is is still early days but The Bridge has carried out a totally unscientific survey of a number of residents of The Hill to obtain their first impressions of what effect the HGV ban is having. The overall reaction is positive. Several people have said there has been a definite improvement. One said: “It has made a massive difference in the HGV traffic, especially at night, when they used to run through at full speed and vibrate the doors and windows.” Another said: “I have noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of HGVs driving through Burford since the ban went into effect. BUT, on my late night evening dog walk, typically 11:00 pm, I have noticed the occasional HGV passing through - about one or two every other night or so.” A third added that he would like through The Bridge to thank those who had worked so hard to get the ban imposed.

Others were a bit more equivocal. One said they had noticed a noticeable reduction in the first week or two, especially the late evening and early morning, but later noticed quite a few HGVs going through. Another commented on still seeing large lorries, although they thought some were delivering grain to the Cotswold Flour Mill at Shipton and might be permitted to do this.

Some are reserving judgement and would like BTC to tell us how many offenders had been recorded and what action is being taken against them. As John White has explained separately, the complicated process for enforcing the ban is still being put into place so no doubt more information will be forthcoming in due course. Sadly, although Burford has had to find the money to set up the ban, any fines paid will go straight into HM Government’s coffers. So perhaps it is two and a half cheers at the moment but there is much more to come.



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