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How To Help The HGV Ban

The HGV ban in Burford is now in force but it is difficult to maintain vigilance to catch offenders 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Is there anything the private citizen can do if they spot an errant lorry on the High Street or the Hill? The answer, we are told, is that simply reporting the vehicle may not be enough on its own to support a prosecution. However, it does help. It is not practicable for someone to watch every hour of the camera recordings in the hope of catching a rogue truck. If they are told when the lorry passed by, they can zero in on the relevant bit of footage. So please send details such as the description of the vehicle, if possible the registration number and, most importantly, the date and approximate time of the offence to BTC at The HGV shown above was reported by local residents and this made it possible for it to be identified and action taken.


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