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It's Vegan Only at OCC

There is a row going on at Oxfordshire County Council about the decision of the ruling Lib Dem, Labour and Green alliance to serve only vegan food at official events. The alliance has passed a motion prohibiting the use of meat or dairy products.

Ian Middleton, a Green Party councillor who is vegan, put the motion forward. He said: "I'm not suggesting that all councillors should become vegan but that on those occasions [when meals are provided to the councillors, which apparently happens six times per year] food provided by the council should be plant based. Councillors who don't want to eat it don't have to eat in the council chamber."

David Bartholomew, a Conservative councillor, said: "The Conservative opposition believes that veganism is a choice that should be respected. But it is not something that should be rammed down the throats [sic] of vegetarians and meat eaters. A carrot and stick approach should be employed." We would have thought that vegans would be in favour of the carrot, if not the stick.

Some council tax payers have expressed surprise that councillors are provided with food at meetings and have wondered why they can't bring their own sandwiches if they feel peckish.


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