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Jeremy Clarkson has bought the Windmill

That's the former carvery next to the, er, Windmill Roundabout on the A40, although he refers to it as a pub.

He writes in the Sunday Times today that it has been a long-held ambition to own one. "I dreamt, as many men have have dreamt in the past, of chatting with the regulars about nothing of any consequence and then having a Sunday roast at my own table." He adds that after doing the deal he "discovered that there was a famous dogging site in the area". Well, not known to the editors, but possibly known to many of our readers. He contacted his old adversaries at the district council and "they were very happy" to close it down. (Are dogging sites licensed by the council?)

Despite references to locals, he is also reported as saying "I'm not building a pub for rich people. I'm building a pub for people who are visiting, and that will support farmers [by serving local produce]. That's the essence of it." No doubt the pub-licity (geddit?) will attract many visitors, so we wonder how much traffic there will be, especially given its location. Apparently there is quite a lot of work to do so it may not open until the winter.


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