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Missed Bin Collections

15 November 2021

Residents of Burford and surrounding villages are likely to have noticed that there have been many problems about missed bin collections recently. From a conversation with WODC the following information could be useful.

1. The system is in chaos (which we had already worked out).

2. If your bin is not emptied, you should notify WODC within two working days and they should come back for it. It can be reported online at or by telephone to 01993 861000.

3. You can’t assume that, if your road has been missed out, someone else will have reported it, so to be on the safe side it is best to report it yourself. This is the important bit: if one person has reported that their bin has not been emptied, it doesn’t follow that the contractors will come back and do the whole road. They may do so if they notice that bins are still out, but there is no guarantee. So, again, if in doubt, report it.

4. A number of garden waste bins in Burford were not emptied on Friday 5 November. WODC say that, as these were not reported within the two day period, nothing can or will be done. This despite the fact that having garden waste removed is a paid-for service. They should be emptied this Friday, 19 November (fingers crossed).

5. Similarly many household waste bin were not emptied last Friday (12 November) and they say the contractors should come back today or tomorrow to deal with as long as this has been reported. If your grey bin was not emptied, it would be a good idea to report that asap.

A number of people have told us that they have reported that the bins have not been emptied and this has made no difference. Residents on The Hill also say that, on the occasions when their bins are emptied, they may be left up to 100 yards away on the other side of the road or they disappear completely. So there is no guarantee that reporting will work but it might lead to something happening whereas if you don’t report nothing will happen.


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