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More on Cole's Field

Greystoke has withdrawn its appeal. This is a tremendous and triumphant victory for Burford and common sense. Greystoke has given no reasons for its decision, nor is it required to do so, but Burford Town Council is in no doubt that the most important factor was the immediate, well-reasoned and highly articulate response from the almost unanimous residents opposing the original application. So well done and thank you to every one of you.

Inevitably, I must pour a drop of cold water. Under our planning laws, ridiculous as they are, there is nothing to stop Greystoke (or anybody else who strikes a deal with the Coles as owners of the field) making another application to develop this iconic site. However, in winning the Seventh Battle of Cole’s Field, we have made it just that little bit more difficult for a developer to desecrate what used to be our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty but what we now have to call The Cotswold National Landscape ( a new name which is not only moronic but also oxymoronic!).

John White - Burford Town Council


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