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New Book by Local Author

Local writer Bert Clough has published a children's story called The Boy, The Witch and the Cuckoo Cheat. It's a charming story about a boy and a witch who fly off on a magic broomstick to Africa for an adventure. They befriend two small birds - reed warblers. A cuckoo then cheats on the birds by laying an egg in their nest. But the witch magics a way for them to dupe the cuckoo and raise their own chicks.

Bert is a reading mentor with the charity ARCH (Assisted Reading for Children in Oxfordshire). The charity helps primary school children to become interested in reading. He is donating all profits from the sale of the book to ARCH.

This would be a perfect Christmas present for a young child. It is published by Austin Macauley Publishers ( priced at £8.99


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