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Poll Predicts Conservative Win in Witney

The latest youGov MRP opinion poll reported in The Times today (4 June) predicts that Robert Courts will be able to retain the Witney parliamentary constituency for the Tories with a reduced majority in the general election on 4 July.

The projected votes are as follows (2019 result in brackets)

Conservative 37% (55%)

Lib Dem 30% (29%)

Labour 21% (14%)

If the poll is correct and the voting remains the same until 4 July (both big ifs) Witney could be one of only around 140 seats held by the Conservatives.

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A Guy
A Guy
05 jun

I hope this is wrong.

How so many can vote for courts who has done absolutely nothing for the area, is corrupt and has Putins former finance ministers wife funding him and friends of Israel is beyond me

Me gusta
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