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Post Office Appeal Reaches Target

WE DID IT! Well done everyone. In just under three weeks our community has raised the £10,000 needed to save the post office service in Burford. I have stopped anyone making further donations - sorry to everyone who can't now donate but thank you for wanting to help. This is an amazing community response and now I pass the baton over to our local solicitors Kendall & Davies to work with Sally and Steve Colter of Mrs Bumbles to ensure all the procedures are in order to release the funds to the Post Office regional management - and here's to seeing your new local Post Office opening as planned on 1 February.

Paul Miller

Burford Post Office Fundraising Campaign

Post Script: We understand that because of the current lockdown the opening of the post office has been postponed. In the meantime consideration is being given to opening a temporary post office elsewhere in the town. More information when available will be reported here and/or in the February edition of The Bridge magazine- Editors


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