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Progress on Windrush Pollution?

At last, do we hear you say? Windrush WASP, which has been campaigning hard on this subject, has written as follows:

You know that WASP doesn't dish out praise to the water industry easily and it is way too early to celebrate any success until we see real and sustained improvement in the Windrush Catchment but Thames Water has agreed to embark on a major effort to end pollution of the Windrush and tributaries. Yes, really.

To read the rest of the story, follow the link to the WASP website:

You can also find a recent (12 April) edition of Panorama on BBC iPlayer which reports on river pollution. It includes graphic footage of Ashley Smith, founder of WASP, and a reporter fishing "sewage fungus" out of the Windrush near Witney. Pooh! (And, indeed, poo).

Congratulations to Ashley (pictured below) and his team for their persistence in campaigning on this problem.


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