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Runners and Riders in the Witney Parliamentary Election

Here is some information about the five candidates we know to be standing to be the next MP for the Witney constituency. If there are any others we have missed out would they please contact us. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order of their surnames.

Robert Courts - Conservative

Robert Courts was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Witney and West Oxfordshire in the by-election in October 2016, and has been proudly serving the area ever since. He was re-elected in both the 2017 and 2019 General Elections, on both occasions achieving over 55% of the vote.

In September 2020, Robert was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Transport, with responsibility for aviation and maritime.

Before his promotion to Government, Robert was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Transport, having previously served as a PPS in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office from January to July 2018 and to the Secretary of State for the Environment from August 2019 until February 2020.

Robert has supported a number of groups in Parliament. He served as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Small and Micro-businesses and founded the APPG for Community Transport; he was also the Vice-Chair (RAF) of the APPG for the Armed Forces, the APPG for Aerospace, the APPG for Dementia, and the APPG for Cycling. 

Robert lives with his wife, Kathryn, and two young children, Henry and Isabella, in Bladon.

Richard Langridge - Reform UK

I live in Witney with my Wife, Alexandra and have lived in the Constituency all my life.

I have run my own Accountancy business for the last 26 years.

I served as a District Councillor in West Oxfordshire for 15 years from 2007-2022, firstly as a Conservative, and then as an Independent. For most of that time I served on the Council’s Cabinet, holding every role apart from Housing. I also served as a County Councillor for 4 years at Oxfordshire County Council.

I was also the Conservative Constituency Chairman here, working closely with our Member of Parliament, David Cameron, whilst he was Prime Minister.

It has become clear to me that the Conservatives no longer stand for the values I believe in, and can no longer be said to be Conservative in any meaningful sense.

In my opinion, Parliament has become undemocratic and totally detached from the views of the majority of people it is meant to serve.

Only Reform UK stands for the Freedom I believe in, and has the Policies our Country so desperately needs, and only Reform UK can take our Country out of the mess it is currently in.

I believe that Reform UK have the values, ethics and policies to take our Country forward into a positive and exciting future - a Country that values traditions and history, alongside a strong sense of diversity and inclusivity, with a love of Liberty alongside responsibility. 

Charlie Maynard - Liberal Democrat

Charlie has been elected as the Liberal Democrats' candidate to be the next MP for the Witney constituency. He is also a district councillor for the Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt ward and the chair of the Witney Oxford Transport Group, leading the project to rebuild the railway line linking Oxford, Eynsham, Witney and Carterton. Charlie lives with his family between Witney and Stanton Harcourt.

For more than three years, Charlie Maynard has been leading the drive to rebuild the railway, first as Chair of the cross-party Witney Oxford Transport Group, now as a councillor on West Oxfordshire District Council. A train would give us a fast, reliable, green transport solution with Oxford reachable in 9 minutes from Eynsham, 16 from Witney and 22 from Carterton.

He is also supporting a project for generating green energy by iinstalling hydro generators on weirs on the Upper Thames.

Georgia Meadows - Labour Party

Georgia Meadows has been selected as Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for the Witney Constituency. Twenty-two year old Georgia, who is currently Witney’s deputy mayor, could become Labour’s youngest ever MP if she wins the seat at the forthcoming general election.

Georgia described her selection as “mind boggling” and believes she has a “real chance of winning” in spite of the incumbent Conservative MP, Robert Courts, securing a majority of 15,177 in the last general election in 2019.

“It was definitely a good Leap Day for me,” she commented. “It was the most exciting news I’d ever read. I was almost doubtful I’d make the shortlist and then, I’m suddenly the candidate for Witney.”

Whilst winning the Witney seat in the general election, which is predicted to be called in the autumn, could be seen as a challenge by some, Georgia is convinced Labour has a “real chance of winning”.

Amongst Georgia’s key campaign priorities will be: improving local NHS services that have suffered from massive real terms cuts over the last decade; fixing broken care systems; forcing water companies to stop pumping sewage into local rivers; and restoring a rail link to Witney.

Andrew Prosser - Green Party

Andrew has lived in Witney for 25 years and is married with 2 daughters. He runs his own business and helps international companies reduce their carbon, water, and supply chain impacts. He has previously coached girls’ football teams and helped organise six-aside football for many years. He was also a volunteer for the Samaritans charity in London.

Andrew served as a Witney Town Councillor from 2019-23 and has been a District Councillor since 2021. He is an Executive Member and is responsible for the Climate Action and Nature Recovery portfolio on the West Oxfordshire District Council Executive.

Andrew graduated from City, University of London. He started his career in manufacturing in Germany after working in the United States and Africa, and on an industrial placement for BP Plc in London, which coincidentally was when they were rebranding to Beyond Petroleum - it didn’t come to pass!

He began working with environmental technologies over 25 years ago and worked with Government and Development Agencies to support innovations and companies moving into the renewable energy sector, including Offshore Wind. He also played an early role in developing and measuring the carbon footprint of business and products.

Andrew studied an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Conservation from Oxford University 2001-03, before setting up his own environmental business. He was Vice Chair of the Oxford European Association and joined the Green Party in 2018 to drive political action on Climate Change and help build a greener, fairer society.


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