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TASC lecturer changed / Organ recital cancelled

No sooner had the November edition of The Bridge come back from the printers when we discovered that two events announced in it were subject to change.

The Arts Society Cotswolds much-anticipated lecture on the films of David Lean on 10 November will not take place as the speaker is ill. In his place Guy Rooker will speak about The Hands of Leonardo da Vinci. Details as follows:

Leonardo da Vinci acknowledged early in his career that the hand was the organ through which the artist expressed himself. He would add that the hand could be as expressive as the face. He also took the approach that art was based on a scientific understanding of anything depicted and performed dissection of the hand to demonstrate how it functioned

This talk reviews the way in which Leonardo studied the anatomy and function of the hand. His paintings, drawings, and narrative art are reviewed to demonstrate how he used this knowledge to depict the hand as a form of expression.

The Friends of Burford Church organ recital due to take place on 13 November has been cancelled because of the illness of a close family member of the organist, James Grainger. It is hoped to fix a new date for this event next year.


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