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WASP continues to fight pollution

WASP (Windrush Against Sewage Pollution) is continuing its battle to stop Thames Water from dumping sewage into the Windrush.

Ashley Smith of WASP said: "Villages and towns are suffering from inadequate sewers letting rain and groundwater in, which overwhelms them. A lot of people have had problems with sewage backing up in their homes, and they can't use their toilets. Therefore tankers are taking that sewage away. Many of the tankers are going to Witney [sewage treatment plant] but Witney is over capacity now and is releasing untreated sewage into the Windrush".

Many rivers in the UK are similarly polluted. Earlier this year the Swinbrook raft race was cancelled because the river not being clean enough. Your editors recently saw the River Leach at Eastleach and it was good to be reminded what a crystal-clear river looks like, in contrast to the murky Windrush.

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