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World Record for Burford Cyclist

Someone familiar with speed is Burford resident Jonathan Shubert who has set a provisional world record for covering 100 miles by bicycle in two hours 57 minutes and 58 seconds. He set the new Road Records Association 100-mile straight out benchmark by riding from Milton Keynes to Norwich with an average speed of 33.8mph. He beat his existing record of three hours, 8 minutes and 14 seconds. A video showing how the record was broken can be found at We trust that he observed all applicable speed limits.

Jonathan is a former British 24-hour cycling champion, winning with a distance of 835km in 2014 , and also circumnavigated 30,000km across the globe by bike between March 2013 and 2014. Jonathan, who was working as a science teacher at a British school in Oman, also holds the world record for riding 1,300km across the length of Oman in 48 hours, four days faster than the previous record.



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