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Publishing Policy

As is customary with publications, the decision of the editors on what can and cannot be published is final. In particular, they will edit or decline to publish anything which in their opinion includes personal attacks on any individual, or is offensive, in bad taste or potentially defamatory. Opinions expressed by contributors are entirely their own and the appearance of any letter or article in The Bridge does not indicate that the editors agree with it. 


Items may also be edited for clarification or length and may be rejected.  Where items or services are offered for sale, or advertised, the provider is responsible for ensuring that the goods or services are safe and of good quality. The editors may refuse to publish advertisements or other statements about unsuitable items or services. The Bridge does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of advertisements and does not endorse any goods or services which are advertised.


All items submitted for inclusion must give the name and address of the writer and an email address or telephone number.  By submitting any article, announcement, letter or advertisement to The Bridge you are deemed to have agreed to the above.

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